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Blog: Suffragettes FC

Suffragettes FC: Iconic Finglas-based women's soccer club Club was a family affair with links to Bohemian FC and the Dublin junior soccer circuit It retains a mythical status in Irish women's soccer RECORDS indicate Suffragettes FC were formed in 1970 in Finglas, Dublin. Early newspaper reports listed the team name as "Suffering Jets", implying they were formed as a giggle then got serious later on. The Doran soccer dynasty of Dublin's Northside  Godfather of Dublin junior soccer Andy Doran sadly died in December 1973, leaving his wife May, four daughters and three sons. Andy was a former All-Ireland junior Gaelic handball player and had been been an official of the Leinster Junior Soccer League for 10 years. His son John played soccer for Bohemian FC and daughters Dolores and Carol both played for Suffragettes. When an organic women's soccer boom engulfed Dublin, the Leinster Junior Soccer League had set up a women's section to cat